The digital revolution has changed the entire landscape of the music industry. In a world where digital bands and computer-tuned vocals dominate much of the market, Stereo Summer stands among a select few bands striving for something more, something real.

Showcasing powerful, energy-laden anthems that are bursting at the seams with pop melody and enough edge to cross multiple genres, Stereo Summer catches your attention and brings you into the open book that is singer Sean Tolley's life. "I try and write as honest as possible. I want our listeners to know what I've been through, and hopefully some of them can relate and feel a little less alone in dealing with the feelings everyday life brings about."

In March 2010, the band headed into the studio with engineer Brent Clawson (Bullets and Octane) to record several new songs, the result of which are the forthcoming "Quality Control" EP, a digital-exclusive EP due out May 2010, and a 7-song EP entitled "Friendships and Vengeance" due out July 2010.

November 2009 saw the departure of original drummer Nick Callan. Following this, the first and only lineup change in the bands two and a half year lifespan, the Stereo boys have been on a mission to get their music out to every ear possible, signing up for nearly every online service offered. Despite their vendetta against over-quantized bands and auto-tuned live shows, Stereo Summer has utilized the internet's many outlets, capitalizing on popular classifieds website Craigslist to find half of the band in original guitarist David Gross and new drummer Eric Brozgold, and harnessing the promotional power of websites like Myspace and Facebook to round up an army of loyal fans and even snag some major media attention in the form of landing an "advertisement" in the Top Friends of Steven's Untitled Rock Show (FUSE) on Myspace.

Formed in mid-2007 from a number of post-hardcore and indie-pop projects, Stereo Summer brings together elements that capture a wide variety of crowds. Let's not forget that all of the members of this band stem from prior experiences which allowed them to tour from coast-to-coast and share the stage with such acts as Fall Out Boy, Fenix TX, The Ataris, Bayside, The Matches, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, Armor for Sleep, Unwritten Law, My American Heart, Quiet Drive, Houston Calls, Bottom Line, Underminded, and countless others. The members' collective experience alone begs for attention.

With an in-your-face attitude and never-say-die determination, Stereo Summer continues to capitalize on a vibrant local scene with relentless hooks and an explosive live show to which recordings do no justice. For Stereo Summer, their something real has arrived.